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It’s difficult to find consultants who are innovative and creative, while at the same time reliable and experienced.


At Silver Pebble, we carefully select all our people to cultivate this rare combination of attributes. So you can rely on us.



Jeremy Webster

An experienced Management Consultant and non-executive Director, Jeremy works in change management, training and education. He has a well-developed expertise in international professional standards, ethics and qualifications, and plays an active role in the governance of the global Management Consultancy profession.   


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Sarah Malter

Sarah is an accomplished communications coach and trainer.  A certified NLP practitioner, she combines more than 10 years of performing experience, including TV, Film and West End, with NLP to deliver holistic practical communications coaching.    


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Jacqui Burke

Jacqui specialises in developing business, management and interpersonal skills for individuals and teams. She works with a wide range of clients, from large complex corporates through to microbusinesses and start-ups, and specialises in  the early years and childcare sector.

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Scott McArthur

Scott has 15 years experience at Board and Management Team level as an HR professional, followed by 8 years as a HR transformation consultant and development specialist with a global IT Services and Consultancy organisation.


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David French

David is an Executive Coach.  He works to help highly motivated professional people to realise their goals and potential, often through periods of change.  With a background in leading transformational change in complex and high profile organisations his clients are drawn from the private, public and voluntary sectors. 


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Claire Sutherland

An accomplished trainer and facilitator, and qualified business coach, Claire is experienced in business improvement and the effective management of organisational change.   


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Full CVs are available on request for all our consultants.


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